Comic books are a great source of entertainment for a reader, irrespective of age. For your comic to be worth reading, It should have a strong opening, a powerful description of the scene and characters, and a balance of tension in a release.

THE LIBERTY WRITERS know how to do it. We are here to help you, from comic writing to effective comic publishing.


Comic writing trends and styles are always changing and innovating. Many authors try to create comics but fail to introduce them to the world because of trend changes. THE LIBERTY WRITERS got you; our comic writers are aware of the trends of the market. They can handle the complexity of any storyline. Likewise, we can translate your feeling into words through an engaging plot, the right language style, clear speech, clear descriptions, and closing with a satisfying ending.

As a veteran in the comic world, our comic writers have worked with new entrants and professionals because their skills have always made them stand out. They have the knack for turning scribbled notes into eye-catching pieces of contemporary literature.

The Liberty Writers provides comic illustration services and complete comic book writing services. We aim to come up with the best writing service to become your number one choice.

Our clients' list is impressed with your work and work procedure. You, too, can look at our tested and proven working system. This is how we have helped hundreds of passionate clients become writers.


The journey of producing an amazing comic starts with a detailed discussion with the client about his/her story idea and demand, target audience, and markets trend.


We seek to understand clients’ requirements. We listen to their needs and create a brief outline accordingly. While creating the brief, we offer our consultations and effective recommendations.


This is the time when producing process starts. Professional comic writers write the most engaging, clear, thrilling, formatted words. And this is all according to our beloved customers.


During this phase, our dexterous writers deliver the best; they send a draft to the customer for their approval in case of any changes they wish.


This is the time when a masterpiece is delivered in the time frame we promised. At Liberty Writers, we deliver your comic book in your preferred format. If choosing the comic writing services, you get a personalized marketing and promotional plan we follow.

Traditional Comic Book

Get the perfect-sized, colorful, and most attractive traditional comic book. We help you share your story with perfectly sequential illustrations and vivid imagery.

Features and specialization

  • 6.625" x 10.25" size
  • Perfect and long-lasting binding
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Graphic Novel

Get the most entertaining graphic, fiction, non-fiction, and anthologized work, anything you like. Our graphic novels are made with immense love and care. The images provide most of the details so that your audience is not confused.

Features & Specifications

  • 8” x 10” size
  • Perfect and long-lasting binding
  • Details giving high-impacts
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We help you bring out your manga creation to life with our creative design skills. You get the charismatic and whimsical features that leave your readers in awe

Features & specialization

  • 5.5” x 7.75” size
  • Perfect and long-lasting binding
  • high-impact details
  • reverse printing
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